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SaferCities provides fully independent CCTV and networking consultancy, along with complementary managed services if these are required.

We have deep knowledge in CCTV, networks and convergence software, complemented by industry relationships and global experience.

Our set of services work independently or as an end-to-end solution – we adapt how we engage with you based on your needs, project goals and other partners involved.

We are independent of any vendors, technology providers or implementation partners, which allows us to scope, identify and budget the best solution for your requirements.

From guiding you through gathering requirements to writing a scope, overseeing RFPs, introducing you to key stakeholders, managing live video streams through vGrid Safer City and Safer City VMS – our people and managed services bring your project together.

Our independent approach and deep expertise will help you safeguard your customers, stakeholders, partners, local community and help you build a safer city in your area.

Independent Consultancy


Project Implementation

vGrid Safer City

Video Management Systems

Independent Consultancy

Upfront project clarity and experience is vital – wide area CCTV projects vary in terms of objectives, scope and deliverables.

Costs can vary widely depending on vendors and integrators used.  It does not have to be this way if requirements and conceptual design are clearly scoped.

A clear vision and rigorous project plan is crucial for budgeting, stakeholder buy in and project success.

This is what we do!

We have the knowledge and experience to get this right, save you money and help you deliver your project on time.

Our team can prepare your project for procurement or RFP by translating your vision into technical requirements, a high-level design and ballpark pricing.

Our independence means we can offer the best solution, vendors and integrators for your project.


We are designing and managing wide area Safer City projects every day.

We build CCTV and network designs that provide visibility of your capex and opex commitments beyond launch.

Our designs take your vision and translate this in to;

  • Technical Requirements
  • High-level Designs
  • Low-Level Network Designs
  • Cost estimates

These help you budget and negotiate with the winning vendors and integrators.

Our designs follow best practice techniques and include simple to read visual CCTV layouts, high level network designs and brand agnostic CCTV camera and VMS system recommendations.

Our low-level designs define the detailed network architecture required including configuration specifics to ensure an integrator can implement a reliable and cyber-secure system.

Safer Cities designs are certified and ready for your CCTV installer or integrator to build, reducing time and project cost.

Project Implementation

We do not sell cameras or hardware.  We maintain our independence because it allows us to identify the best solutions for your project.

SaferCities project implementation services include:

  • Project Management (timeline and budget)
  • CCTV Integrator selection
  • Vendor selection
  • Liaison with stakeholders (Council, Transport, Police, Public Safety)
  • Liaison with Network Providers
  • Device configuration & tuning
  • Connection of your cameras to police and emergency services via vGRID Safer City
  • Training
  • Final review, certification and project sign-off

vGRID Safer City

vGRID is SaferCities’ independent secure video convergence platform, capable of securely and cost effectively converging your nominated cameras (and systems) with police, emergency services and trusted partners.

vGRID Safer City is a Police-Community ecosystem helping Police proactively reduce crime and cost by leveraging existing CCTV cameras and networks whilst mitigating cyber-security risk.

Costs are reduced because they are shared – each participant in our ecosystem contributes and benefits from a shared convergence system.

With thousands of connected cameras in New Zealand, vGrid Safer City provides a consistent and user friendly experience to vGRID partners and emergency services.

The vGRID Safer City ecosystem brings together like-minded people and organisations working together to create safer cities.

Sample Safer City Architecture where you provide a network DMZ

Sample Safer City Architecture where your CCTV network is physically isolated from external traffic.

Video Management Systems (VMS)

Scoping, Designing and Building CCTV Video Management Systems.  Optional Managed services if required.

Link to vGRID Safer City for Police and emergency services.

VMS Design & Build

Whatever you do, it is important that you chose a VMS system that is going to stay with you for a while and grow as AI systems mature.

We know how to help you define your requirements, design, select and build a CCTV Video Management System that will display and record your CCTV cameras. Additional modules can include video analytics or AI.

We have global experience and independent trust relationships with key VMS vendors around the world.

We can do your VMS design and build in conjunction with your chosen reseller / integrator or help you find one.

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