Scott Bain

Managing Director



Independent, board level advisory, RFP’s, advanced networking, CCTV systems, security by design, requirements and scoping.

About Scott

Scott is on a mission to make cities safer. SaferCities and vGRID have a vision to connect Police and Public Safety to the millions of existing cameras across cities.

Prior to founding these companies Scott held leadership roles at Cisco in NZ, Europe and the United States. As a senior sales engineer and product manager for Cisco’s CCTV business unit. Scott worked extensively with public safety and service providers to design and deliver complex network and security solutions.

SaferCities and vGRID are his babies, the gateways for millions of CCTV cameras around the world to connect to police and emergency services, reducing callout times and making our communities better places.

Recent Work

  • Scott maintains active involvement in all SaferCities and client projects.
  • Scott developed many of the templates and standards leveraged by Auckland Transport and Police relating to CCTV camera types, CCTV networking and multi-agency Safer City architectures.
  • Scott developed concepts and high-level designs for Auckland Council’s city-wide network rebuild, including supervising the implementation by NetQ
Scott Bain Sitting Down