Steve Hales

Senior Project Manager / Operations Officer


Project Management, CCTV systems and migration, Telecommunications systems and Electronics.

About Steve

Steve enjoyed twenty-five-years within government, focused on leveraging technology for a positive impact across organisations.

Steve has real world operational and support expertise across multiple technology platforms used within government across a variety of specialist areas.

Steve’s unique experience and approach to risk management serve him well in technically biased project management roles with a background enabling him to provide specialist CCTV consultancy.

Recent Work

  • Project management of a large Council CCTV system audit and shared services proof-of-concept
  • Management of a migration of >300 cameras from legacy systems on poor networks to new networks and SecuroVMS
  • Steve is currently leading several CCTV roading projects for Auckland Transport and CCTV migrations from Auckland Council.
Underground train station with train and passengers unboarding