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We are very pleased to tell you that SecuroGroup has rebranded to SaferCities. We’d like to share the reasons behind this, and why you are all part of our decision to rebrand.

As a team, our ambition is to help create safer cities for everyone, using future-fit CCTV, networks and an ecosystem of government, business & communities working together. The purpose of our rebrand is to reflect the value we place on working with our customers and industry partners to deter crime, encourage vibrant communities and create safer cities.

We share a goal with all of you to reduce crime and make people feel safe and secure in our communities.

We feel passionately that security gives communities the freedom to do more in their local area – creating busier, vibrant scenes for businesses and deeper local connections for the people they serve. What our team sees in New Zealand and around the world is that safer communities grow & merge into safer cities. (Our new SaferCities globe illustrates this concept.)

It all starts with like-minded people working together to deter crime.

Aside from a name change, a sharper brand identity and a strengthened ambition, we are the same team you have always worked with. We remain committed to providing independent expertise – designing & delivering sophisticated CCTV and network projects on budget, on scope, on time.

We look forward to continuing our work together to create safer cities…

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